Pack of 10 kits


This is a bulk pack of 10 PRP kits.


PRP is the most affordable regenerative treatment in the regenerative medicine field. PRP is an autologous treatment that uses the patients on blood as the source of concentrated platelet rich plasma. It has been popular for years in sports medicine, medical spas, and in orthopedic settings. PRP has a natural ability to stimulate tissues to regenerate and recover from physical injury, and wear-and-tear damage caused athletic activity and osteoarthritis. It also has amazing applications in aesthetic medicine and dermatology.
Regenerative Medical Technologies provides one of the lowest cost kits on the market. We provide the basics for conducting a PRP treatment and our price reflects our commitment to make treatments more affordable. Lower cost PRP kits for your practice means you can afford to charge your patients less, which means you will have happier patients and more of them.

Our PRP contains the following:

  • Two standard PRP tubes
  • One 21G butterfly needle blood draw set
  • One 2ml syringe
  • One 5ml syringe
  • One 13mm 27G needle
  • One 28mm 27G needle
  • One 80mm 21G needle
  • One needle holder
  • One connector
  • All in a single use kit that is ready to go.


Easy to follow directions included: